September 26, 2010

Overview of An Unlikely Place

Well friends,

I'm sure you're all wondering...what the heck is this book about anyway?  Well, I'll tell you.  It's about a human woman who meets an alien guy and falls madly in love.  Not enough information?  Well, here are the details... but not too much.  I want you to go out and read the book.

First and foremost, this book is a romance set on another world five years in the future.  There are some love scenes, so this story is for adults, not children.  It begins five years in our future, after the human population on Earth is decimated by a series of plagues.  The Oshairans, a race of alien peace keepers, arrive to take the remaining population to a new world.  However, during the course of the journey humanity becomes divided as two separate philosophies develop.  One believes humanity is better served by remaining isolated from alien influences, while the other believes humanity would benefit more from interaction.  The eventual outcome is some people, including our heroine, are exiled to a dying world, which is where our story begins...

Tamryn, who believes her life is over, crosses paths with Tal-Malye, an Ekoshen-Oshairan half breed, who she is instantly drawn to.  Tal, curious as to why she does not seem to be afraid of him, seeks her out.  This causes her to come under the scrutiny of Jim Tullens.  He decides her fascination with aliens presents a threat to humankind.  He attempts to kidnap her and only by calling upon the protection of the Oshairans and Tal, is she safe.  Inevitably this throws her and Tal together.  But Tal is reluctant, and in a desperate move, Tamryn kisses Tal, sealing their fates.  What Tamryn has done endangers her and only through the e'lyon bonding, an Ekoshen and Oshairan marriage rite, will she live.  But humans and Ekoshens are more different from one another than they seem...  And Jim is still lurking in the shadows...

Whet your appetite yet?  Following is an excerpt from the book, and one I hope will tempt you to buy a copy:

He started to leave.  I did not plan what happened next.  Perhaps I simply did not want to accept his leaving, or I wanted the memory to sustain me.  I lunged forward, embracing him, too suddenly and quickly for Tal-Malye to react.  I pressed my lips against his, and felt an instant surge of warm, giddy desire.  My senses were flooded with the hot piquancy of his scent, and his warmth reached out instantly to embrace me.  I caught the strangest glimpse of wild, flowing colors behind my closed lids.  My tongue slid across the sweet tanginess of his mouth as if it had a mind of its own. 
Tal-Malye sat frozen.  His hands were pressed firmly to either side of my waist, where they instinctively landed as I careened into him.  I had immobilized him, if even for this brief moment, and I reveled in the experience.  I deepened the kiss and he seemed to respond.  For one brief, scorching moment our tongues met.  Then he was thrusting me back, staring at me with shocked eyes, their color almost pure amber light.  I pressed a trembling hand to my burning mouth, wide-eyed and stunned.  Tal-Malye’s expression darkened dangerously in anger; I saw the creature he had been as Jim tried to force me to his carriage.  His breathing was harsh, and there was no friendliness in his expression.  I blushed in shame as he glowered at me.  For a long moment, neither of us moved.
“Why?  Why did you do that Tamryn?  You foolish child!” 
My head started to pound, slow, sweeping throbs that grew in strength.  I looked away from his furious gaze, the ache ebbing slightly as I did.  I felt strange within my own skin.  I was dizzy and I briefly saw spots.  In my mind something was growing, planted somewhere in my brain, a seed started with a kiss.  I denied the thought and began to feel sicker.  Tal-Malye growled something I could not understand.  Suddenly he grabbed my face, forcing my eyes to meet his as he probed my features.  He saw each nuance of color, noting the sudden pallor of my skin and the clamminess of my hands.  His expression tightened while I gawked at him, unable to look away, not caring if it was killing me.  For it felt as if it was.  Nausea swept over me as another hammer blow of agony struck. 
Tal-Malye must have seen me wince but he was relentless, pressing closer as he studied my reactions.  His hands upon my face were no longer gentle.  There was no soothing touch, no attempt to take away pain.  I started to gasp as his gaze sharpened and narrowed.  I had a dizzying sensation of falling into a deep, dark chasm while drowning in a mahogany ocean.  Just as abruptly he released me, nearly throwing me backwards against the wall.  I shook in reaction, trembling with humiliation, fear, and dizziness.  Hurt shattered my head, as badly as it had the night before, and my mind began to splinter.  It took all my energy to focus, to concentrate on where I was or what was happening.
“Tamryn!” he hissed, his eyes nearly slits as he glared at me.  His face flushed darkly with his rage.  “I was wrong.  I did not bring danger down upon you.  You flirt with it.  You actively seek it out and embrace it.  What you have done here is irreversible!” 
He snarled these last words as he flung himself from my carriage.  It was as if he could not bear to be in the same space as me, as if he would murder me if he did not leave.  I panted from the pain in my head while my vision blurred; suddenly I stopped trying to stay upright.  I slowly, shakily curled up, squeezing my eyes shut while I willed my consciousness away.  And slowly, slowly, the pain began to lessen and my muscles to relax.  I slept then, exhausted.

Thank you,

GA Lanham

Update: due to unavoidable delays, we are looking at a release date sometime in the early part of next year.  So keep checking back.  It will be here soon...

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